Meet our Staff

Team Members

Marion Sewell: Inventory/Purchasing Manager

Marion Sewell

Tel:(703) 370-9070 ext. 145 

Since 1998, Mr. Sewell has worked for Water Management Inc. as the Inventory and Procurement Manager. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of inventory management to provide expert guidance and advice to the Operations and Sales managers at Water Management He is well-versed on the latest water efficiency fixtures.  He is responsible for the procurement and control of all inventories at various Water Management locations across the nation. He maintains accurate records of inventory to ensure the required inventory arrives in the right quality, and the right quantity, at the right location, at the right time.

Before joining the Water Management team, Marion was in the United States Air Force, where he held several different positions that provided him with great experience. These positions include Supervisor of Maintenance Supply, Superintendent of the B1B Aircraft Parts Branch, Chief of the Logistics Support Branch, and Chief of the Material Management Branch.  Marion received his Bachelors of Arts in Business.

Mickey Julien: Purchasing Agent

Mickey Julien

Tel:(703) 370-9070 ext. 148 

Mr.  Julien  joined  Water Management  after  successfully completing Army reserve training.  He is highly organized and approaches all of his tasks in a diligent and systematic manner.  For a period of four years before joining the Nashville team, Mr. Julien worked for Water Management as an independent account manager and was able to personally maintain and service all of the water efficiency needs of over 3,800 residential units. Mickey is currently the Inventory Manager for the Nashville Office and all PHA projects.

Richard Horner: Logistics/Fleet Manager

Richard Horner

Tel:(703) 370-9070 ext. 133 

As Logistic Manager, Mr. Horner has several responsibilities. He manages the logistics of Water Management vehicles and the rental of large on-site equipment.   Richard has the responsibility of ensuring that all Water Management vehicles are well maintained and properly equipped. More importantly, he ensures crew members have the right vehicle at the right time and place to perform their job in an efficient and safe manner. Richard also tracks work related accidents and injuries and makes adjustments in operations to prevent future accidents. Additionally, Mr. Horner is responsible for office and warehouse facilities and he is the main contact with the VA office property management. He takes care of employees comfort, safety and security within our building.