Hospitality - Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

The twenty room hotel down the road, or the 2,000 room luxury resort all pay for the water and sewer service that you use for FREE during your stay.  Hospitality sites must balance the needs of saving water while preserving the ability to have a great shower and a clog free toilet.  

Water Management continually tests fixtures to find the best quality, yet water efficient, showerheads, aerators, and toilets that deliver top performance and guest satisfaction.  Our use of high quality toilets and showerheads improves the appearance of hotel rooms and delivers better performance than the previous fixtures. 


In hospitality applications - other factors also come into play. 

  • Local government mandating lower consumption because of the drought? 
  • Remodeling your hotel?
  • Using too much water in the kitchen, by irrigation, or cooling?
  • Temperature switching or too little Hot Water?
  • Losing revenue from out of order rooms caused by clogging toilets & resulting damage? 

Water Management can help solve these problems.

Please see these recent case studies & contact us for solutions.