VA Tech Water Savings


Commercial Offices, Schools / Universities

Water Management has developed broad expertise for a wide range of clients within the Commercial Offices, Schools / Universities sector. Water Management has the knowledge, expertise and experience to design and implement water savings programs in any type of facility.

Water Conservation Tools for Commercial Offices

Healthcare Facilities

Water Management has successfully implemented water efficiency programs for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Our water saving measures include: cooling towers, sterilizers, steamers, laundry rooms, once-thru water cooled systems, faucets, toilets, x-ray equipment, vacuum systems and more. These measures allow institutions to reduce operating costs and utilize savings to provide better patient care.

Correctional Institutions

Audits conducted by Water Management on local, state and federal facilities indicate that prisoners with access to toilets in their cells flush approximately 18 times per day. For many of these clients, water conservation has never been an issue, but with rising municipal water and waste water treatment costs and the need to reduce budgets, it has become a high priority.


Government buildings and military institutions have historically had antiquated water infrastructures. Water Management has solved this problem by identifying waste and implementing programs that pay for themselves out of actual savings - typically in less than 5 years.

Schools / Universities

School officials face the difficult task of balancing a shrinking revenue stream against ever increasing educational expenses and operating costs. Measures for elementary schools typically involve only the replacement of toilets and faucets, whereas high schools often include additional measures for irrigation, cooling towers and cafeterias. Campus wide programs for Universities require a great deal of analysis especially when there are buildings that are involved in research and testing.


There are eleven different categories of hotels. Some budget hotels use as little as 20 gallons of water per occupied room per night whereas resort hotels can use as much as 250 gallons of water per occupied room. For the higher end hotels, utility costs are often a small portion of the overall operating costs; therefore, it is necessary that any water saving measures must perform the same or better than the measure they are replacing.

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