At Water Management, our goal is to help our clients make their building environments more water efficient, safe, and sustainable. We have a full Job-Site Safety protocol for COVID-19 precautions.  Our COVID-19 Site Safety Plan includes measures such as enhanced Personal Protective Equipment, abiding by social distancing guidelines, and sanitizing of jobsite areas using disinfectant spray that is effective against the coronavirus. 

Even though normally a large percentage of our projects require us to work in occupied residential units (which is difficult to do now) we continue to serve our customers that have low occupancy, such as hotels, schools, universities and office buildings.  We are still available every day to support our multi-family clients by tracking and monitoring consumption, upgrading vacant units, upgrading common area and pool restrooms, and providing products and other services as needed. From the very beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to continue to pay all 40 of our employees. When we have down time, we are using this time (whether at home or at our office) for team building, learning new skills, researching new products, and training, especially as it relates to safety.  Click here for more Info!

Below is our COVID-19 presentation with basic information about the disease, and the specific actions we are taking to stop the spread of the virus.