All Westin Hotels are required to change out the current dual showerhead in every guest room, and replace them with the new Westin Heavenly Showerhead by KOHLER. The Westin Heavenly Showerhead by KOHLER has been designed as a specific solution for retrofit in Westin hotels.

Here is a link to a YouTube video on how to install the Heavenly Showerhead: The video is very informative but it makes the installation seem easier than it really is.  The main difference between the video and the real world is that the Westin tub walls are ceramic.  To make the holes required a diamond bit drill is required. 

The installation program offered by Water Management Inc. is the efficient and professional way to successfully complete your Heavenly Showerhead retrofit requirement. Having Water Management Inc. perform your Heavenly Showerhead Installations provides further advantages for your Westin location. Being in each and every one of your guest rooms allows us to detect toilet, faucet, or tub/shower leaks potentially saving you water, and money.

Read a description of the project completed at the Westin Alexandria.