Meet our Staff

Team Members

Joy Saul: Controller

Joy Saul


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 144

Mrs.   Saul    brings    over    twenty   years   of knowledge and experience in Accounting and Finance to Water Management, Inc. Prior industry experience includes Banking, Communications, Commercial and Residential Construction, and Insurance. Joy is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the accounting department. She manages Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management. Joy is directly responsible for the preparation and analysis of the monthly financial statements, to include project tracking of net profitability. Joy is also the manager for the Information Technology, (IT) department as well as the Receptionist position.   

Joyce Howe: Accounting Manager

Joyce Howe


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 147

Mrs.  Howe    is    responsible   for the day to day supervision of billing, accounts receivable, cash receipts, inventory processing, and directly responsible for AP processing. Joyce (Ya-hui) is a native of Taiwan. As a college student in Taiwan, Ya-hui was on her University volleyball team. Joyce believes that the discipline she learned as a player has helped her to develop a team-oriented methodology. Joyce received her Business degree from St. John's University in New York.

Mark Hemphill: Billing and Project Support Specialist

Mark Hemphill


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 115

Mr. Hemphill serves as the Billing Accountant, which includes invoicing and project tracking all shared savings, straight cost, retail, and other revenue. He started as a crew member, became a crew leader, and due to his strong computer and organizational skills, he was promoted to Operations Administrator and later to ICI Administrative Project Manager.  In this role, Mr. Hemphill is responsible for: monitoring project variables, reporting the status of on-going constructions, measuring the on-going project activities, assisting project development's analysis of audit data, submitting payment application packages, managing documentation requests, and preparing close-out documents.  Mark received a BS degree in Biological Science at Colorado State University.