Meet our Staff

Team Members

Richard Horner: Logistics/Fleet Manager

Richard Horner

Tel:(703) 370-9070 ext. 133 

As Logistic Manager, Mr. Horner has several responsibilities. He manages the logistics of Water Management vehicles and the rental of large on-site equipment.   Richard has the responsibility of ensuring that all Water Management vehicles are well maintained and properly equipped. More importantly, he ensures crew members have the right vehicle at the right time and place to perform their job in an efficient and safe manner. Richard also tracks work related accidents and injuries and makes adjustments in operations to prevent future accidents. Additionally, Mr. Horner is responsible for office and warehouse facilities and he is the main contact with the VA office property management. He takes care of employees comfort, safety and security within our building.

Tony Cimini: Senior Project Manager & Quality Control

Tony Cimini


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 138

Tony is responsible for our Inventory Control and our Virginia warehouse. Mr. Cimini's  multi-faceted  work  experience includes many roles during his tenure at Water Management. He has been involved in many water efficiency programs as lead technician, Quality Control Manager, Project Manager, Director of Operations Commercial & Industrial Facilities. He began his professional career in the Navy where he attended Naval Nuclear Power School and was stationed on the USS California. He spent the last 4 years of his enlistment on the repair ship USS Puget Sound where he worked in the Outside repair shop. His duties included repair and maintenance of pumps, valves, steam turbines, anchor windlasses and gear motors. After obtaining a degree in Underwater Technology from FIT, Jensen Beach; he worked as a weldment inspection diver and Life Support Tech for saturation diving operations for Solus Ocean Systems, South China Sea. After a brief period in partial ownership of Commercial Marine Services he started working for Water Management in 1985.