Meet our Staff

Team Members

Spencer Horner: Senior Project Manager

Spencer Horner


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 158

Spencer joined Water Management in January 2011 as a Technician in the Operations department. He now works in the Multi-Family division as a Project Manager . He previously worked as a sales and marketing specialist at a small online education company after graduating from college.

Abdul Dodoo: Senior Project Manager

Abdul Dodoo


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 143

As  a  Senior  Project  Manager  for  ICI,  Mr. D'Odoo ensures that all ICI projects are constructed with water savings as the primary goal, and that projects come in on time and under budget. He also ensures that operations staff members are being properly scheduled and that all jobs run smoothly by having the resources applied appropriately based on project schedule and scope of work. This job requires extreme organizational and logistical planning capabilities. These strategies are critical to success, as many projects occur simultaneously and in very diverse locations. Abdul started with Water Management as a crew member/leader and spent seven years as a field based site supervisor, but quickly moved up the management ladder. Abdul developed many of these skills while running his own reprographics business. Abdul's growth and development within the Company serves as an inspiration to all within Water Management.

Mark Harewood: Senior Project Manager

Mark Harewood


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 140

As   Operations   Manager,   Mr.  Harewood handles the logistics for completing water efficiency installation work. He schedules work in advance and insures proper resources are provided to complete job. This position is critical since it requires coordinating work at different levels and multiple functions in the company. Mr. Harewood's outstanding leadership and motivational skills allow him to accomplish results even in the most challenging situations. Mr. Harewood leads by example since he started as a crew member and has made his way up in the career path by holding positions as Crew Leader, Account Manager, and ICI Project Superintendent.

Bill Harrison: Project Manager

Bill Harrison


Tel: (615) 416- 5208

Mr. Harrison has been associated with Water Management for over 11 years. Starting as a part-time receptionist in November 1996, Bill soon worked his way to assisting with consumption calculations, dispatching, surveys, and contract proposals. He eventually became a co-operations manager and occasional crew leader in the VA office. In the summer of 2004 after getting married, Bill and his wife Emily moved to Tennessee to work out of the Nashville office. Since moving, Bill has worked with both the PHA and ICI departments doing audits, writing proposals and project managing. Bill has also sold shared savings programs to Nashville apartment communities.

Buster Vroom: Project Manager

Buster Vroom


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 118

Before  becoming  a  Project   Manager,  Mr. Vroom was a Project Superintendant and managed the Service Department. In addition, he supervised the Account Managers and the Dispatcher for 3 years. During this past last year, Buster has been leading several crews and he is a good support for management due to his people and technical skills. Buster is always open to new opportunities and different challenges and recently supported the Irrigation Department in conducting the large Irrigation audit in Las Vegas

Bob Smith: Project Superintendent

Bob Smith

Mr.  Smith  has  always  been   an  ecologist at heart because as a child he enjoyed being in the woods and fishing at the lake. He has worked for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources enforcing pollution regulations and cleaning up hazardous materials that were spilled into the waters. He has studied various wastewater treatment techniques and their effectiveness in the purification of agricultural and industrial waste. Bob joined Water Management in 1996 and worked on a crew until he was recognized for his leadership skills and promoted to crew leader. Currently, Bob holds the position of Project Superintendent on the Public Housing sector of Water Management and has overseen projects in numerous locales. He is very gratified that his employment allows him to conserve our most precious resource –water!

Jeff Bell: Project Superintendent

Jeff Bell

In  1997,  Mr.  Bell  was  hired  by  Water Management in Nashville, TN as a temporary employee to install toilets at one of our first major Public    Housing projects. Jeff's quality plumbing skills were immediately apparent on this project, and he was offered a full time position with Water Management. He relocated to Northern Virginia to work out of the Alexandria office. Jeff brings a multitude of skills to Water Management, including experience in plumbing, HVAC, general carpentry, leak detection, gas piping, and masonry work to name a few. Jeff's management skills quickly evolved as well and for the past 4 years he has worked as one of Water Management's senior project superintendents, managing various projects across the country for PHA and ICI operations. Jeff and his family currently reside in Du Bois, PA.

Reggie Williams: Technician

Reggie Williams


Mr. Reginald "Reggie" Williams started as a crew member and over the years was promoted to Project Superintendant. His role as a Project  Superintendant provides him an opportunity to incorporate his over 15 years experience in construction, plumbing, water conservation. He has received training in leadership, OSHA /safety procedures, and prodcut troubleshooting training.

Chris Boldon: Project Auditor

Chris Boldon


Tel: (703) 489-2144

Chris Boldon works out of our Texas office, and is involved in water audits. With his technical skills and experience, he also helps out  with Texas water efficiency projects in our commercial, hospitality and residential sectors.

Eddie Gonzalez: Project Superintendent

Eddie Gonzales


Mr. Gonzalez has mainly worked on local projects in the metropolitan area. Eddy is a team player and very friendly. He brought his brother "G" into the WMI Family.

Butch Deibler: Technician

Butch Deibler


Mr. Karl Deibler, best known as Butch, came to Water Management in September, 2006. Butch was previously working with a contractor building and remodeling homes in the Sigel, PA area. Butch was actually assisting Jeff Bell with some home improvement projects when the subject of working at Water Management was discussed. Jeff was headed to Buffalo, NY soon to start a new PHA project and was in need of a good assistant. Butch was hired to assist with that project and has been assigned as an Assistant Project Superintendant working with Jeff Bell ever since. Butch has gained experience on both ICI and PHA projects and has quickly expanded his knowledge of plumbing and project management skills.

Giovany Gonzalez: Technician

Giovany Gonzalez


One of the youngest crew members, Mr. Gonzalez is a quick learner and hard worker. Giovany, ("G") is currently working on  Multi Family projects. His aspiration is to continue to learn and strengthen his experiece by accepting any challenge or opportunity offered.

Douglas Martinez: Technician

Douglas Martinez


Douglas Martinez has worked for us a for a number of year, and always has a smile when he comes to work. Before coming to Water Management, Douglas had earned a degree in teaching in his native country. He also had a few years of plumbing experience, which have made Douglas a strong team member on many of our projects across the country.

Dennis Porter: Technician

Dennis Porter

As a crew member, Mr. Porter displays great technical skills. He is also a hard worker and team player. Dennis Porter was featured in the June 16th cover story of the Washington Post (Style section). The story was about Middleweight boxer Kassin Ouma, a refugee from Uganda who got his start at the Alexandria Boxing Club under the guidance of the club's manager – Dennis Porter.

James Palmer: Technician

James Palmer

Mr. Palmer  is  a  very  hard  worker  and  a dependable crew member. Mr. Palmer has worked at many MF and ICI projects in different states. James is an excellent communicator and often assists with workshops and water conservation fairs.

James Benjamin: Technician

James Benjamin


Mr. Benjamin is  one of the most enthusiastic and motivated workers within Water Management. His technical skills are outstanding and his willingness to support any project at any time has made him a great resource for the company.

Johnathan Williams: Technician

Johnathan Williams


Mr. Williams is a dependable crew member, and works out of our Virginia office. He has been with us for a number of years, and also has experience in solar installation and pizza making. He is a graduate of the JROTC program, and son of long-time employee Reggie Williams.

Mike Shaw: Technician

Mike Shaw


Mr. Shaw is working in our Operations Department with the crew. He comes to us after customer service and facility experience at Pohanka Honda, and also residential/educational  youth care experience.  He is a team player, and our newest employee.

Donnie Mullins: Technician

Donnie Mullins

Donnie joined us in 2018, after successfully helping us out as a temp. Donnie always has a smile, and is a great addition to our installation crew teams.