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Team Members


Herman W. Hoffman, Jr., P.E.: Technical Advisor

Herman Hoffman

Tel: 512.294.7193 

Mr. Hoffman's  professional areas of experise include: water conservation and drought plan development; industrial, commercial and institutional water conservation audits; water resource planning; development of sustainable sources of water (water reuse, rainwater harvesting and other on-site sources); and sustainable, green design for water conservation. Mr. Hoffman holds many organizational memberships and is involved in several nationwide committee activities at the American Water Works Association (AWWA), U.S. Green Building Council's Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and Green Globes. Mr. Hoffman has been instrumental in drafting numerous pieces of water conservation related legislation and has lectured on ICI water conservation, energy-water relationships, and on future water requirements for energy and industrial development throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Middle East and South America. In addition, he has been the author and/or co-author of numerous publications, guidebooks, papers and other works on municipal and industrial water conservation, drought management, rainwater harvesting, water reuse and the development of alternate water resources for commercial and industrial activities.

Cable Jones: Project Developer

Cable Jones

Tel: 801-792-1519  

Cable Jones is a member of the Water Management Irrigation and Sustainability team. Over the last five years, Cable has helped developed irrigation conservation auditing protocol to ensure program success. He is continuing to refine analysis and implements on-going changes to help fine-tune the effectiveness of our irrigation system audits. Cable has had the opportunity to audit over 120 ICI projects as well as numerous residential properties. With this extensive field experience, Cable is able to create custom solutions for our clients. Mr. Jones holds multiple degrees in his area of expertise, including a Masters degree of Horticulture specializing in water-efficient landscaping and a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from Utah State University.