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Rick Ferguson: 
Multi-Family/Hospitality Sales Development

Rick Ferguson

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 134

Specializing  in  hospitality  and  multi-unit residential properties, Mr. Ferguson designs, sells, and project manages water efficient programs for clients.  He consults with managers and property owners  on many aspects of domestic water related problems including consumption analysis, pressure reduction, pressure balancing, tier value replacement, underground leak detection, and fire hydrant testing and flushing.



Charles Gildehaus: 
Multi-Family/Public Housing Sales Development

Charlie Gildehuas

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 154

Mr. Gildehaus joined the Water Management team in 1992. Starting from the ground up as a field technician, he learned how to manage jobs, repair and install a variety of plumbing fixtures, and interact with customers.

From 1994 to 1997, Charlie had surveyed and determined Water Management's methods of reducing water consumption at all of Water Management's work sites.  He turned his attention to Water Management's national water efficiency efforts in multi-unit housing.  Charlie has developed and worked on 20 major jobs around the United States and is one of our specialists in the field.  He's always looking for new opportunities to save water, methods to perform our work more cost effectively, and continues to learn about and install new water efficient products.  Charlie specializes in the design and monitoring of Water Management's long-term programs.  Charlie received his BS from Dickinson College and MS in Environmental Education from Lesley College.  Since the early 1990's, he has set target ADC's for our Shared Savings and Performance Contracting business.  Charlie is an integral part of the Management Team for all of Water Management's PHA work.

Bruce Jacobeen: 
Prison Facilities Sales Development

Bruce Jacobeen

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 141

As Project Development for Prison Sales, Mr. Jacobeen is responsible for sales, development, contract adminstration, and project management (as needed) for water conservation projects.  He coordinates staff which provides expert evaluation of the existing water use and the associated cost for institutional, commercial, and industrial facilities.  The identified custom water conservation measures are packaged to create a comprehensive water (and energy) conservation project.  The projects are designed with special attention to product selection to ensure functionality and sustainable water savings. 


Matthew Ridout: 
Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Sales Development

Matthew Ridout

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 160

Matthew is a highly knowledgeable Project Developer in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Department. His primary duties include evaluating ICI sites for water conservation opportunities, facilitating conservation solutions, generating cost/benefit analyses, and proposals for a variety of customers, including a number of energy service companies.  As a project developer, he is responsible for creating conservation projects within a broad customer base (universities, hospitals, public schools, office buildings) for potential savings opportunities, incorporating both domestic and non-domestic measures.  Mr. Ridout holds undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and History and a MA in History from San Diego State University. In addition to his multiple degrees, he is a Certified Water Efficiency Practioner in the CA/NV region in which he is a member of the AWWA. He is recognized by ARCSA as an Accredited Professional in the area of  rainwater harvesting.  Mr. Ridout is a published author with works that have been featured in the LA Times and a handful of other magazines.