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Russ Horner: President

Russ Horner

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Passionate about saving water and a long time advocate for the environment, Mr. Horner co-founded Water Management in 1980. As a water practitioner, Mr. Horner provides hands-on technical assistance and advisory services to domestic and international clients in the areas of water conservation, water demand management, water policy, and best management practices. He has been responsible for auditing, pricing, designing and implementing many of Water Management's thousands of guaranteed savings programs over the past 28 years.

In addition, Mr. Horner has assisted residential, commercial and industrial clients in developing strategies, analyzing and forecasting end use data to determine consumption patterns and forecasts for their specific geographical regions. Mr. Horner has also trained municipalities in developing capacity in water audits, leak detection, conservation techniques, and best management practices. Mr. Horner often consults with and advises fixture manufacturers regarding new government regulations and technologies. As President of Water Management, Mr. Horner has been active in promoting public-private partnerships in water demand management activities for many years.

Thomas Horner: Vice President

Tom Horner

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Thomas   Horner   is   vice-president   of Engineering. Since the founding, he has been responsible for product testing and research along with monitoring of long-term program effectiveness. His article in the August 1998's Plumbing Engineer entitled "Using Performance Contracting to Boost Water Resource Efficiency" set the stage for quality investment opportunities for facility owners and managers. As Co-chairman of the water sub-committee of the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), he has been instrumental in integrating life-cycle cost accounting principles into water and sewer cost savings programs.
Tom is a memeber of AWWA (American Water Works Association), WEF (Water Environment Federation), AWRA (American Water Resources Association), National Capital Section Secretary 1999, 2000, 2001 and NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials).


Mike Maurer: Vice President

Mike Maurer

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Mr.  Maurer  came  to   Water Management   in  1993  after spending 14 years in law enforcement.  He received his BS from Western Illinois University  and worked in the construction industry while attending college.  Mike was initially hired as a field technician and progressed to a crew leader, special projects manager, and eventually inventory manager while stationed in the Water Management VA office.  In 1997 he was selected to project manage Water Management's first large scale Public Housing (PHA) project in Nashville, TN and since then has project managed over 50 PHA and local projects in the Alexandria and Nashville area.  In 2000, Mike relocated to Nashville, TN to expand the local market.  He currently holds a TN General Mechanical Contractor's License.