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Russ Horner: President

Russ Horner

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 113

Passionate about saving water and a long time advocate for the environment, Mr. Horner co-founded Water Management in 1980. As a water practitioner, Mr. Horner provides hands-on technical assistance and advisory services to domestic and international clients in the areas of water conservation, water demand management, water policy, and best management practices. He has been responsible for auditing, pricing, designing and implementing many of Water Management's thousands of guaranteed savings programs over the past 28 years.

In addition, Mr. Horner has assisted residential, commercial and industrial clients in developing strategies, analyzing and forecasting end use data to determine consumption patterns and forecasts for their specific geographical regions. Mr. Horner has also trained municipalities in developing capacity in water audits, leak detection, conservation techniques, and best management practices. Mr. Horner often consults with and advises fixture manufacturers regarding new government regulations and technologies. As President of Water Management, Mr. Horner has been active in promoting public-private partnerships in water demand management activities for many years.

Thomas Horner: Vice President

Tom Horner

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 112

Thomas   Horner   is   vice-president   of Engineering. Since the founding, he has been responsible for product testing and research along with monitoring of long-term program effectiveness. His article in the August 1998's Plumbing Engineer entitled "Using Performance Contracting to Boost Water Resource Efficiency" set the stage for quality investment opportunities for facility owners and managers. As Co-chairman of the water sub-committee of the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), he has been instrumental in integrating life-cycle cost accounting principles into water and sewer cost savings programs.
Tom is a memeber of AWWA (American Water Works Association), WEF (Water Environment Federation), AWRA (American Water Resources Association), National Capital Section Secretary 1999, 2000, 2001 and NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials).

Mike Maurer: Vice President, Nashville, Master Plumber

Mike Maurer

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Tel: (615) 445-5897

Mr.  Maurer  came  to   Water Management   in  1993  after spending 14 years in law enforcement.  He received his BS from Western Illinois University  and worked in the construction industry while attending college.  Mike was initially hired as a field technician and progressed to a crew leader, special projects manager, and eventually inventory manager while stationed in the Water Management VA office.  In 1997 he was selected to project manage Water Management's first large scale Public Housing (PHA) project in Nashville, TN and since then has project managed over 50 PHA and local projects in the Alexandria and Nashville area.  In 2000, Mike relocated to Nashville, TN to expand the local market.  He currently holds a TN General Mechanical Contractor's License.

Rick Ferguson: Multi-Family/Hospitality Sales Development

Rick Ferguson

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 134

Specializing  in  hospitality  and  multi-unit residential properties, Mr. Ferguson designs, sells, and project manages water efficient programs for clients.  He consults with managers and property owners  on many aspects of domestic water related problems including consumption analysis, pressure reduction, pressure balancing, tier value replacement, underground leak detection, and fire hydrant testing and flushing.



Charles Gildehaus: Multi-Family/Public Housing Sales Development, Master Plumber

Charlie Gildehuas

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 131

Mr. Gildehaus joined the Water Management team in 1992. Starting from the ground up as a field technician, he learned how to manage jobs, repair and install plumbing fixtures, generate business, and interact with clients. Charles is a Licensed Master Plumber in the Commonwealth of Virginia and WSSC. He is an approved Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention Technician in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. 

Charlie has developed and worked on hundreds of jobs around the United States and loves flying Southwest to travel to those work sites.  He's always looking for new opportunities to save water, methods to perform our work more cost effectively, and continues to learn about and install new water efficient products.  He received a Bachelor of Science from Dickinson College and Master of Science in Environmental Education from the Audubon Expedition Institute / Lesley College.  Charlie is an integral part of the Management Team for all of our conservation efforts.

Bruce Jacobeen: Prison Facilities Sales Development

Bruce Jacobeen

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 141

As Project Development for Prison Sales, Mr. Jacobeen is responsible for sales, development, contract adminstration, and project management (as needed) for water conservation projects.  He coordinates staff which provides expert evaluation of the existing water use and the associated cost for institutional, commercial, and industrial facilities.  The identified custom water conservation measures are packaged to create a comprehensive water (and energy) conservation project.  The projects are designed with special attention to product selection to ensure functionality and sustainable water savings. 


Matthew Ridout: Water Efficiency Program Director

Matthew Ridout

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Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 160

Matthew is a highly knowledgeable Project Developer in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Department. His primary duties include evaluating ICI sites for water conservation opportunities, facilitating conservation solutions, generating cost/benefit analyses, and proposals for a variety of customers, including a number of energy service companies.  As a project developer, he is responsible for creating conservation projects within a broad customer base (universities, hospitals, public schools, office buildings) for potential savings opportunities, incorporating both domestic and non-domestic measures.  Mr. Ridout holds undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and History and a MA in History from San Diego State University. In addition to his multiple degrees, he is a Certified Water Efficiency Practioner in the CA/NV region in which he is a member of the AWWA. He is recognized by ARCSA as an Accredited Professional in the area of  rainwater harvesting.  Mr. Ridout is a published author with works that have been featured in the LA Times and a handful of other magazines.

Yvonne Horner: VP Human Resources/Safety Manager

Yvonne Horner


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext 111

Mrs. Horner,  wife   of   Russ  Horner,  joined the Company in 1990. With a background in accounting, she founded our Accounting Department, and converted the accounting process from a paper accounting system to a fully computerized accounting system. After a few years, she filled another need when the growth of the company necessitated a Human Resource Manager. Mrs. Horner is always seeking to better the company’s HR strategies and organizational goals. In her role, Yvonne excels at keeping situations in proper perspective. She continually works on cultivating a sense of community and inclusion among our employees. She is passionate about safety, and developed the company’s Safety Program and Safety Manual. She has a VA Contractor’s License and is a member of SHRM and AIPB.

Tari Maurer: Project Support Specialist

Tari Maurer


Tel: (615) 963-9995

Mrs. Maurer joined Water Management in 1993 after spending 13 years as an elementary school teacher in Illinois and Virginia.  She received her BS in Education from Illinois State University.  Tari was initially hired to assist with the Accounts Payable Department at Water Management, but her duties expanded to include assisting in the Human Resources Department and then becoming the Accounts Receivable Specialist.  In 2000, Tari relocated to Nashville to work at the Water Management office in Tennessee.  In Nashville, her duties have included administration, product sales, selling shared saving contracts, and assisting in all aspects of the public housing sector of Water Management.

David Taylor: IT Manager

David Taylor



Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 149

Mr. Taylor, like many others at Water Management, started as a Crew Member, but his creativity and passion to computers introduced him into the computer   designing field and later on into the full spectrum of Information Technology.  For the last 10 years, Mr. Taylor has managed the day to day operations of the IT department. His major responsibilities include the maintenance of operational status and security of all Water Management computers and network systems.  Most importantly, Mr. Taylor has strived to further automate Water Management office and has recommended the installation of upgraded, cost-efficient equipment.  Dave achieved his MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Certificate in April of 2006.

Jeff Sewell: Controller


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 145

BIOGRAPHY: Jeff has many years of experience as an Accountant and Finance Manager, and is an expert in Excel. He has also been a Project Manager for the
conversion of accounting software, which will be most helpful
as we embark on transitioning from our existing Dynamics
Great Plains to the new Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Joyce Howe: Accounting Manager

Joyce Howe


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 147

Mrs.  Howe    is    responsible   for the day to day supervision of billing, accounts receivable, cash receipts, inventory processing, and directly responsible for AP processing. Joyce (Ya-hui) is a native of Taiwan. As a college student in Taiwan, Ya-hui was on her University volleyball team. Joyce believes that the discipline she learned as a player has helped her to develop a team-oriented methodology. Joyce received her Business degree from St. John's University in New York.

Mark Hemphill: Billing and Project Support Specialist

Mark Hemphill


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 115

Mr. Hemphill serves as the Billing Accountant, which includes invoicing and project tracking all shared savings, straight cost, retail, and other revenue. He started as a crew member, became a crew leader, and due to his strong computer and organizational skills, he was promoted to Operations Administrator and later to ICI Administrative Project Manager.  In this role, Mr. Hemphill is responsible for: monitoring project variables, reporting the status of on-going constructions, measuring the on-going project activities, assisting project development's analysis of audit data, submitting payment application packages, managing documentation requests, and preparing close-out documents.  Mark received a BS degree in Biological Science at Colorado State University.

Jeanna Osborne: Project Support Specialist

Jeanna Osborne


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 124

Jeanna has worked with us since 2010. She works in our Accounting Department, and previously worked in our ICI Department as our Project Support Specialist. Jeanna has previous experience working with an engineering firm on RFP’s and contracts.

Richard Horner: Logistics/Fleet Manager

Richard Horner

Tel:(703) 370-9070 ext. 133 

As Logistic Manager, Mr. Horner has several responsibilities. He manages the logistics of Water Management vehicles and the rental of large on-site equipment.   Richard has the responsibility of ensuring that all Water Management vehicles are well maintained and properly equipped. More importantly, he ensures crew members have the right vehicle at the right time and place to perform their job in an efficient and safe manner. Richard also tracks work related accidents and injuries and makes adjustments in operations to prevent future accidents. Additionally, Mr. Horner is responsible for office and warehouse facilities and he is the main contact with the VA office property management. He takes care of employees comfort, safety and security within our building.

Tony Cimini: Inventory and Purchasing Manager, Master Plumber

Tony Cimini


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 138

Tony is responsible for our Inventory Control and our Virginia warehouse. Mr. Cimini's  multi-faceted  work  experience includes many roles during his tenure at Water Management. He has been involved in many water efficiency programs as lead technician, Quality Control Manager, Project Manager, Director of Operations Commercial & Industrial Facilities. He began his professional career in the Navy where he attended Naval Nuclear Power School and was stationed on the USS California. He spent the last 4 years of his enlistment on the repair ship USS Puget Sound where he worked in the Outside repair shop. His duties included repair and maintenance of pumps, valves, steam turbines, anchor windlasses and gear motors. After obtaining a degree in Underwater Technology from FIT, Jensen Beach; he worked as a weldment inspection diver and Life Support Tech for saturation diving operations for Solus Ocean Systems, South China Sea. After a brief period in partial ownership of Commercial Marine Services he started working for Water Management in 1985.

Katie Johanson: Project Support Specialist

Katie Johanson


Tel: (703) 370-9151

Katie supports our Multi-Family Department by being the point of contact for our Shared Savings and Service Contract customers, and scheduling our Service Technicians. Katie has studied environmental policy and has a keen interest in the environment and sustainability. She also has experience in customer service, communications, and public relations. Katie is the voice on the other end of our Leakline, and is happy to assist our customers!


Spencer Horner: Manager, Special Projects

Spencer Horner


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 158

Spencer joined Water Management in January 2011 as a Technician in the Operations department. He now works in the Multi-Family division as a Project Manager . He previously worked as a sales and marketing specialist at a small online education company after graduating from college.

Abdul Dodoo: Senior Project Manager

Abdul Dodoo


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 143

As  a  Senior  Project  Manager  for  ICI,  Mr. D'Odoo ensures that all ICI projects are constructed with water savings as the primary goal, and that projects come in on time and under budget. He also ensures that operations staff members are being properly scheduled and that all jobs run smoothly by having the resources applied appropriately based on project schedule and scope of work. This job requires extreme organizational and logistical planning capabilities. These strategies are critical to success, as many projects occur simultaneously and in very diverse locations. Abdul started with Water Management as a crew member/leader and spent seven years as a field based site supervisor, but quickly moved up the management ladder. Abdul developed many of these skills while running his own reprographics business. Abdul's growth and development within the Company serves as an inspiration to all within Water Management.

Mark Harewood: Operations Manager

Mark Harewood


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 140

As   Operations   Manager,   Mr.  Harewood handles the logistics for completing water efficiency installation work. He schedules work in advance and insures proper resources are provided to complete job. This position is critical since it requires coordinating work at different levels and multiple functions in the company. Mr. Harewood's outstanding leadership and motivational skills allow him to accomplish results even in the most challenging situations. Mr. Harewood leads by example since he started as a crew member and has made his way up in the career path by holding positions as Crew Leader, Account Manager, and ICI Project Superintendent.

Bill Harrison: Project Manager

Bill Harrison


Tel: (615) 416- 5208

Mr. Harrison has been associated with Water Management for over 11 years. Starting as a part-time receptionist in November 1996, Bill soon worked his way to assisting with consumption calculations, dispatching, surveys, and contract proposals. He eventually became a co-operations manager and occasional crew leader in the VA office. In the summer of 2004 after getting married, Bill and his wife Emily moved to Tennessee to work out of the Nashville office. Since moving, Bill has worked with both the PHA and ICI departments doing audits, writing proposals and project managing. Bill has also sold shared savings programs to Nashville apartment communities.

Buster Vroom: Project Manager, Master Plumber

Buster Vroom


Tel: (703) 370-9070 ext. 118

Before  becoming  a  Project   Manager,  Mr. Vroom was a Project Superintendant and managed the Service Department. In addition, he supervised the Account Managers and the Dispatcher for 3 years. During this past last year, Buster has been leading several crews and he is a good support for management due to his people and technical skills. Buster is always open to new opportunities and different challenges and recently supported the Irrigation Department in conducting the large Irrigation audit in Las Vegas

Jeff Bell: Sr. Project Superintendent

Jeff Bell

In  1997,  Mr.  Bell  was  hired  by  Water Management in Nashville, TN as a temporary employee to install toilets at one of our first major Public    Housing projects. Jeff's quality plumbing skills were immediately apparent on this project, and he was offered a full time position with Water Management. He relocated to Northern Virginia to work out of the Alexandria office. Jeff brings a multitude of skills to Water Management, including experience in plumbing, HVAC, general carpentry, leak detection, gas piping, and masonry work to name a few. Jeff's management skills quickly evolved as well and for the past 4 years he has worked as one of Water Management's senior project superintendents, managing various projects across the country for PHA and ICI operations. Jeff and his family currently reside in Du Bois, PA.

Reggie Williams: Sr. Project Superintendent

Reggie Williams


Mr. Reginald "Reggie" Williams started as a crew member and over the years was promoted to Project Superintendant. His role as a Project  Superintendant provides him an opportunity to incorporate his over 20 years experience in construction, plumbing, water conservation. He has received training in leadership, OSHA /safety procedures, and product troubleshooting training.

Chris Boldon: Project Auditor

Chris Boldon


Tel: (703) 489-2144

Chris Boldon works out of our Texas office, and is involved in water audits. With his technical skills and experience, he also helps out  with Texas water efficiency projects in our commercial, hospitality and residential sectors.