WOLF Program



Water Management’s WOLF Program:

Our WOLF Program began in 2015 in response to the drought crisis in the West. Now, as the country is experiencing droughts in the Northeast and the Southeast, our program has expanded. With our comprehensive knowledge of water efficiency and years of experience gained from field testing, lab testing, relentless research, and thousands of water efficiency programs, we knew we were in a position to support others who would want to partner with us to make a real difference in reducing water usage. So, we began offering our WOLF (Water Optimization and Low Flow) Program.

What is the WOLF Program?

The WOLF Program offers organizations an opportunity to partner with us in order to learn more about water efficiency, and use our resources and support to implement water efficiency programs. The First Step typically involves completing a Desktop Water Assessment (Water Assessment Process) to quantify where the greatest opportunities for savings exist. Desktop Water Assessments typically cost less than $500 per account.  

Once Desktop Water Assessments are completed, specific sites are selected for onsite visits (Level II). During onsite visits, specialized water auditing tools, including the T5 Flush Meter are utilized. Using the water audit and usage data collected, we are able calculate the fixture replacement costs, and identify the savings potential based on the specifics of the facility. We’ve developed these comprehensive saving models over the past 30 years, and this valuable information is now available through our WOLF Program.

The WOLF program identifies, quantifies and verifies water usage for many types of facilities, and many types of equipment.  ROI’s and IRR’s are provided for each water conservation measure. 

As part of the WOLF Program, Water Management provides ongoing support in pricing measures, and in developing savings models and proposals. Water Management continually evaluates and recommends the best product solutions available, and we keep our WOLF Partners informed of what’s happening in the world of water efficiency.

We offer a number of different types of WOLF programs:

WOLF Water Provider: Any size Water Provider, in any area of the country, looking to provide accurate water assessment reports to commercial and residential clients.  Assessment reports provide clients with customized cost-effective ways to reduce water usage. 

WOLF Installer: Licensed Contractors and Plumbers wanting to know more about water efficient fixtures and practices, and benefit from wholesale discounts on quality water conservation products.  WOLF Installers would be available to work with us to implement Water Efficiency Programs for clients in their area.

WOLF Property Management: Property Management companies who want to benchmark their water usage for their properties.  WOLF Property Management partners receive customized training for their personnel on the most up-to-date water efficient fixtures and applications.

WOLF Diagnostician: Those in the water and/or energy industry, who are interested in helping Water Management perform water audits and assessments.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in being selected as a WOLF Partner.


A personal note about Wolves…

Why a WOLF?

We chose the WOLF moniker not only because we have always admired wolves, and usually have had pictures of wolves in our home and office.  Indeed, we chose the WOLF moniker because of what a Wolf represents to us.  They are beautiful creatures, with watchful eyes, very keen senses, and high intelligence.  Each wolf pack develops teamwork, and each wolf has a role in the pack’s ability to thrive.  Wolves are very loyal, and devoted to their families.  At Water Management, the goal of our WOLF program is to help bring others into our pack, thereby making it possible for us all to thrive in an environment where we successfully conserve our water resources.  


To see how wolves have had a positive influence on their environment, take a moment to watch this video: