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What does a Rubik’s Cube have in common with Water Management, Inc?  They were both launched in 1980!  Six years after the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, Water Management, Inc began saving water.  Originally named “Technology Distributors, Inc”, our company was founded by Russ and Tom Horner in October, 1980, in Arlington, Virginia.    The guiding principle of Water Management, Inc since its founding is best stated in E.F. Schumacher’s influential book “Small is Beautiful”.  Schumacher emphasized that "the aim ought to be to obtain the maximum amount of well-being with the minimum amount of consumption".

Saving water in the 1980’s was easy because high-flow showerheads, leaky toilets, and inefficient irrigation systems were common. During this time, we began to apply the concept of "shared savings" to our water efficiency programs. Water Management would underwrite all costs associated with implementing a water efficiency program, in exchange for a share of the savings generated as a result of the program.  The large initial investment needed to fund each shared savings project limited our capacity to expand the service rapidly, but the shared savings program led to steady growth, reliable streams of revenue, and increasingly satisfied customers.  Because of the large initial investment needed to fund each shared savings project, we focused on ensuring that the products used were the best and most durable. 

While changing our name to Water Management, Inc in 1991, we also moved to Alexandria, Virginia.  In 1997, we opened another office in Nashville, Tennessee.  We continued expanding our multi-family services, including installation work for the Public Housing sector.  We continued to expand our business, and to provide service to commercial buildings, prisons, schools, military bases, universities, and hotel facilities.  In 2010, we added an office in Fort Worth, Texas, as we began working directly with the water authority sector to provide assessment and consultation services.

Our team of water experts, many of whom have been with us since the early days, have a wealth of experience and knowledge in solving water problems, and have expertise in reducing water consumption for our clients. We continue to focus on quality, and with constant testing and review of products in our industry, we use the best fixtures available.  To verify that our products and services are successful, Water Management has developed computer models to analyze water usage and to calculate the savings specific to each customer.

Recently, we announced the implementation of our WOLF (Water Optimization and Low Flow) Program, which will make it possible for other firms to use Water Management, Inc.’s tools and to build their own client base to integrate proven, effective, and profitable water efficiency programs into their businesses. Water Management is excited about sharing their water efficiency expertise with other firms and seeing the impact that can be made together.

Like a Rubik’s Cube, it takes time and practice to figure out the movements, options and strategies.  With all that has been learned over the past 35 years, we have become the experts in understanding the various movements, options and strategies involved in creating and maintaining a successful water efficiency program.

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