As we are all weathering the personal and economic storm that COVID-19 has brought, we may feel as though we’ve been launched out of the safe harbor of our regular routines and business-as-usual. We are all being challenged to come up with new ways of working and connecting with each other.

At Water Management, most of our contracts in the multi-family industry have been put on hold, and we have had to find new opportunities in commercial and hospitality lines. We have also been using this time to sharpen our skills, improve our warehouse, and set up remote training. A number of our employees are working on their OSHA certification and studying for plumbing and backflow licensing. In addition, we are doing more hands-on training for metering and leak detection. Indeed, we are thankful for the flexibility of our employees as we make the best of this situation!

During this time, we have also had the opportunity to connect with customers that we have worked with over the past few years and discuss their water usage and current needs. One of our long-term customers is The Donaldson Group. With their Greening Program, they are committed to reducing water consumption, and they have engaged Water Management to help with this initiative.

Last year, Water Management implemented a water efficiency program at Plaza Towers, a Donaldson property in Hyattsville, Maryland. After our initial installation work, the property's water consumption dropped as expected. However, while tracking their water usage using state-of-the-art metering technology, we discovered an unusual increase in consumption. After investigating, we were able to pinpoint two different problems and work with The Donaldson Group to resolve them quickly. Even with residents staying home due to the pandemic, the property is now saving 1 million gallons per month, which saves them approximately $14,000 per month on their water and sewer bills!

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