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Water Management is a leader in the industry of water conservation and water efficiency.

Water Management is a family-run business with a family atmosphere and a leader in the industry of water conservation and water efficiency, focusing on quality service and exceptional data-driven results for customers. Water Management believes in enjoying their hard work. They contribute to society through their service, products, and delivery. Quality is found at every level of their business, including the quality of relationships. They are loyal to their employees and run a business rooted in honesty, fairness, consistency, and reliability. Water Management is committed to saving water through dedication and innovation.


Water Management’s headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia, and they mainly serve clients in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. They have another office in Nashville, Tennessee. Even though they only have two offices, they have clients throughout the United States.


Over the past 40 years, Water Management has worked with Water Utilities, Correctional Facilities, Public Housing Authorities, Commercial Spaces (Offices, Schools, Universities and Hospitals), Senior Living and Multi-family Residential Buildings (Apartments and Condominiums), and the Hospitality sector (Hotels, Motels, and Resorts). Everyone has had a water-related issue at one time or another, so everyone could use Water Management’s services.


Whether a contractor or plumbing outfit is purchasing a high-volume of product (wholesale), or a homeowner is looking for just the right plumbing fixture, Water Management carries a great selection of plumbing and water-efficiency parts. Toilets, showerheads, flow controls (aerators, spray nozzles, and flow restrictors) and all the parts needed to get the most out of your fixtures are available for purchase in person, by phone, or through Water Management’s online shop, The clearance section is constantly being updated, and more obscure and rare parts are being added daily.


Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense domestic water flow rate standards, Water Management recommends very specific toilets based on their industry knowledge gained over the past 40 years. They have suggestions for Gravity, Stealth, and Pressure Assist toilets.


Niagara Conservation makes a Stealth High-Efficiency Toilet that flushes at 0.8 gallons per flush (gpf). Water Management carries this toilet and all the parts to repair and rebuild them. The plugged or no refill Fluidmaster fill valve [Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part #C7715-7] and the flush valve silicone seal (Part #N7715SS) seem difficult to find.


Not only does Water Management have the Niagara OEM flush valve silicone seal, but they also invested their time and money to create their own silicone seal for the Niagara Stealth toilet. One of the issues with the OEM seal is that it can blister and swell, causing leaks. This often occurs due to the double-layer manufacturing process. Water Management’s seal is stronger and single-layer manufacturing to prevent blistering.

The plugged no refill Fluidmaster fill valve for the Niagara Stealth toilet is shipped directly to Water Management from Fluidmaster. The fill valve comes preset at the correct height and with a proper silencer insert. Water Management consulted with Fluidmaster to optimize efficiency and longevity of the fill valve.


Another High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) that Water Management keeps in stock in their warehouse is the gravity tank style American Standard Cadet Pro 1.28 gpf toilet. The Cadet Pro comes in a couple of color variations and heights, although 17 inches is the standard and ADA compliant height for the Cadet Pro, there is even an option for a 19-inch model. In addition to a kit to assist with installation, Water Management carries all the parts necessary for repairing and rebuilding the American Standard Cadet Pro 1.28 gpf toilet.


While the Niagara Stealth and the American Standard Cadet Pro gravity tank toilet are most widely used by Water Management, they still deal with and keep parts in stock for the Gerber Flushmate Pressure Assist toilet. Vessels, Handles, Cartridges, Gaskets, Tanks, Bowls, etc. are available for purchase online. This is one toilet where you definitely need the right parts.


Unfortunately, several Flushmate vessels are currently under recall and need to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. Leaving these vessels unattended can have dangerous consequences. Fortunately, Water Management knows exactly which vessels are under recall and how to proactively handle the issue. Provide Water Management with the Serial Number of the vessel and they can determine if any action is necessary. Even if they are not directly doing the work to remedy the situation, they can provide the necessary knowledge and product.


Because of the varying state regulations for acceptable fixture flow rates, Water Management keeps multiple types of showerheads in stock. The flow rates typically vary from 1.0 gallon per minute (gpm) to 2.5 gpm and everything in between. Several variables need to be considered when selecting the right showerhead. The location of the showerhead in the building is relevant because the distance between the showerhead and the heating source can affect the temperature of the user’s shower. Additionally, if the shower is on an upper floor, the pressure of gravity may not be high enough to produce a steady flow of water to the user. The showerhead itself can be pressure compensating, which will affect the output of the showerhead.


Over the past few years, there has been increasing pressure to control and adjust the flow of fixtures, including faucets. Flow controls typically contain housing, an acetal insert, and a rubber washer for a tight seal. The brass housing can be female, male, or dual threaded for versatility. The acetal insert comes in different sizes to fit various faucets and with varying flow rates from 0.35 gpm to 2.2 gpm and everything in between. The flow output can be aerated, laminar, or spray. Some flow controls require a special tool or key for installation or removal.


The best way to keep track of your fixtures and water consumption is through measurement and verification practices. Flow Bags and Containers have been around for a while to measure the flow of faucets and showerheads. Unique to Water Management is a device that accurately measures the flow of several styles of toilets. The T5 Flushmeter uses patented technology to measure the flow of water accurately and easily through toilets. The T5 Flushmeter is powered by double A (AA) batteries and can be used by anyone. The T5 has a balloon on the end of the wand that inflates in the outlet of the toilet. The balloon surrounds a turbine, and when the balloon inflates in the outlet, water is forced to pass through the turbine. The turbine rotates and measures the flow of water, and that measurement is displayed on a small LCD screen on the handle. The entire stock or inventory of T5 Flushmeters is owned and maintained by Water Management. These devices are guaranteed to work and satisfy the customer’s M&V needs.


In addition to having a wide selection of plumbing products and domestic recommendations, Water Management specializes in leak detection. With state-of-the-art equipment, Master Plumbers from Water Management can pinpoint the source of leaks and recommend appropriate action. Whether the leak is found within a building or on an exterior line, they can fix it. Many of their technicians repair domestic leaks immediately while onsite. At the very least, they can make a recommendation about where to look and possibly where to dig. In some cases, water providers give credits when leaks are repaired, especially when the leaks are considered to be “hidden.”


Recently, Water Management has expanded their Special Projects portfolio to include a wider scope of work. Metering and Sub-metering, Hot Water Systems and Cooling Tower Optimization, Custom Plumbing or Piping, and more are included in their repertoire. They keep Master Plumbers staffed that are certified to perform Backflow Testing and Certification in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. If a backflow fails a test, they are equipped to repair, rebuild, or replace the backflow. If your system is missing a backflow, the highly-skilled Special Projects team can install one.


When a main water meter is oversized and underreading, the actual usage and flow rates are determined and analyzed to accurately size a suitable meter for a property. When estimated meter readings are used for billing purposes, the Water Management team will repair or replace the meter’s existing transmitter so that an actual meter reading can be used during billing. Manual meter reading (AMR) is inefficient and costly. In these cases, the Special Projects team will likely recommend replacing that meter with a new smart meter (AMI).


In order to isolate a building within a property, or to isolate any water-using entity (swimming pool, irrigation, cooling towers, cistern, reclamation, etc.), sub-metering can be a successful strategy. Many water providers will give a sewer credit for water that is not being sent for treatment. So, water that evaporates in a cooling tower or on the surface of a swimming pool could potentially earn a credit. Water used to irrigate and is absorbed by the soil can also be tracked in hopes that a credit is earned. Basically, anything that used water can be sub-metered for isolation purposes (leaks) and for earning credits.


In addition to the physical smart sub-meter onsite, Water Management provides an online dashboard that displays the information gathered from the sub-meter. Water Management uses Metron Farnier water meters, and they use a platform called WaterScope. Clients will be able to log into the platform and see their meter’s data almost instantly. Using the Verizon 4G LTE infrastructure, these smart meters instantly send data to the cloud and into the WaterScope platform. Proactively monitoring water usage has never been easier. There is a fee for installing these meters and a subscription fee for use of the online dashboard.


Over the past few years, Water Management has been noticing a drastic increase in the number of issues related to hot water systems. When operating as designed, tub and shower valves provide the right balance of hot and cold water. When the pressure is not correct, or if another variable is present, there can be an increase in hot water, which can lead to scalding, or there can be a decrease in hot water, which can lead to cold showers. Water Management has narrowed down the issue to a few possibilities.


Tub and shower valves need to be maintained. In many cases, these valves have a pressure balancing unit (PBU) or a style of cartridge. These need to be rebuilt or replaced frequently enough to avoid issues. With added pressure from local, state, and federal governments to control the flow of water coming out of fixtures, particularly faucets and showers, residents need to replace existing fixtures with ones that may or may not be appropriate for their situation. As a result, the flow of hot water through a system and the mix of hot water and cold water can be disrupted causing issues with the end use. In addition, water is heavy and uses an astounding amount of energy to move it, so booster pumps are necessary to get hot water and water in general to its destination.


To measure the current state of hot water within a system, and to measure and verify the success of a hot water intervention, Water Management developed a temperature sensor called TempTech Sensors. These sensors have a probe that reads the temperature of water within a pipe quickly and accurately. The readings are sent immediately to the TempTech dashboard where users can track temperature variance and set thresholds and notifications.


Water Management recognizes that the water efficiency and sustainability world is moving from fixture replacement and retrofitting to software as a service (S.a.a.S.). To proactively stay ahead of the shift, Water Management invested in and developed software called Wetsite that accurately tracks water consumption. Through custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) created by water-efficiency experts, WETsite monitors, identifies, alerts, and reports on water consumption. Users can automate alerts, identify leaks, benchmark, budget, and detect discrepancies in billing. WETsite provides a user-friendly dashboard that is catered to the preferences of the user. Because WETsite integrates with the client’s water provider using an Application Programming Interface (API), billing information is accurate, and invoices are viewable on the WETsite platform.


With access to billing information, Water Management can conduct thorough analysis to determine accurate consumption and invoicing, while also determining actionable ways to reduce overall costs. Both the provider and the user want billing to be based on actual readings. Water Management ensures that clients receive fair and precise invoices. Water Management will also act as an advocate for the user and make all necessary billing inquiries with the provider.


Because of the years of water-efficiency experience within Water Management, the company has been conducting audits and consulting with individuals and groups more than ever. They have spent over 40 years refining the process for conducting an efficient and accurate water assessment. Experts will measure and verify onsite water-using fixtures and determine next steps for maximizing efficiency. A Water Balance will be created to demonstrate where and how water is being used onsite. If something onsite uses water, Water Management wants to know about it.


Sometimes, it makes sense to share information and teach others to conduct a water audit. Water Management is refining its Waudit (Water + Audit) tool that can be used by users to conduct their own audits. Having your own T5 Flushmeter can help streamline the measurement and verification process and guarantee accurate results. Water Management will conduct training and workshops along the way to exchange experience with the users. If preferred, have Water Management perform the audit for you.


Water Management is a business rooted in honesty, fairness, consistency, and reliability. Water Management is committed to saving water through dedication and innovation. Water Management is a family.

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