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Our Story

Company founders, Russ and Tom Horner, launched "Technology Distributors, Inc." in 1980 in Arlington, Virginia. In 1991, the company moved to its current location in Alexandria, Virginia and officially changed its name to Water Management Inc. 

                                                        In response to the Safe Drinking Water Act                                                            of 1974, Water Management began to look                                                            for innovative, effective, and financially                                                                  savvy ways of saving water. Using E.F.                                                                    Schumacher's book, "Small is Beautiful," as                                                          a guiding principle, Water Management                                                                  continues "to obtain the maximum amount                                                          of well-being with the minimum amount of                                                          consumption."

In 1997, Water Management opened an additional office in Nashville, Tennessee and continued expanding services. Water Management now serves multi-family and senior living facilities, commercial buildings, prisons, schools, universities, military bases, and the hospitality sector.

Our employees are our family, many of whom have been with Water Management since the very beginning. Because of our dedicated and loyal employees, we have over 40 years of experience developing water-efficiency programs that save the world by saving water.

If you've ever wondered "Who is Water Management Inc. and what does Water Management Inc. do?" watch the video below and hear from the President/CEO, Russ Horner, about what it means to be a part of the Water Management Inc. family.


Our purpose is to create and maintain a fun and inspirational environment where our dedicated employees can help Water Management, Inc. be the most recognized, successful, and respected water management company in the world.


Our mission is to be the leader in the green industry movement as it relates to water conservation and water efficiency. We will accomplish this by focusing on quality service and exceptional results for our customers.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • We believe in hard work and enjoying it.

  • We intend to make a contribution to society through our products, services, and the way that we deliver them.

  • We are dedicated to the highest level of quality: quality services, quality products, and quality relationships.

  • We endeavor to provide well-paying jobs with good benefits.

  • We are honest, consistent, and fair. We honor our commitments.

  • We are dedicated to saving water.

  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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