Dought Monitor


Pacific storms slammed into California and most of the West, dumping lots of precipitation on the northern two-thirds of the state and Sierra Nevada.  Most major reservoirs were at or above their Jan. 10 historical average, USGS monitored streams were at near or record high flows.  Accordingly, major drought improvements were made not only to CA but to many areas of the West, including parts of Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Farther east the storm systems produced light to moderate precipitation across the eastern third of the U.S., resulting in a few improvements but mainly keeping conditions unchanged. 



Water Management’s WOLF Program, WOLF Program

Water Optimization and Low Flow Program (WOLF) is an innovative training and support program designed to assist selected companies in developing water efficiency programs for their customers.



Tom Horner of Water Management: Guest Speaker on Capital Hill

Tom Horner, Vice President of Water Management, was a guest speaker at the Cannon House Office Building, on Capitol Hill.  The occasion was the Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Expo + Forum, held annually on Capitol Hill by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (ESSI).  The Program featured talks from three Senators and five Representatives, as well as top government officials and policy makers in person and via live webcast. Tom spoke on the Panel for Hydropower and Water Technologies, focusing on “Water Management for the Modern Age.”  To see his presentation, check out this video.






Cut Your Utility Bills and Reduce Environmental Impact

Water Management Inc. offers products, services and water solutions that increase water efficiency, and create water savings for our customers. Our company operates from multiple offices in majors US cities, giving us the expertise and insight that it takes to develop and deliver location specific water solutions. Water Management Inc. has been involved in thousands of water conservation projects with the primary aim of improving our customers’ bottom line.  more...