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Water Management's Monthly News Letter Now Available Online!

Westin Heavenly Showerhead Program

Water Management has been hired by Westin's nationwide to implement the installation of their Kohler Heavenly Showerheads.

Successful Irrigation Program for University of Texas

Water Management Inc. was responsible for the development and management of a large water conservation program at the University of Texas

Mid-Atlantic Affordable Housing Conference

WMI attends The Mid-Atlantic Affordable Housing Conference in Richmond VA!

Steam Management Launches Operations

Effective August 1st, Steam Management Inc. (SMI) is offering its specialized solutions as a standalone entity and as a strategic partner with Water Management Inc. SMI is currently installing turn-key steam trap, steam monitoring, and water conservation projects.

Operation Rain Barrel and Earth Day 2013

Water Management is proud to sponsor Operation Rain Barrel: a fun, creative project to engage Arlington County students in learning about environmental sustainability as part of Mason’s Community Earth Week Fair.

Flushmate Product Recall

Flushmate Recalls Flushmate® III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards

District Residents Faced With Increasing Water Bills

District residents will see their water bills more than double over the next six years in an effort to pay for a massive tunnel project aimed at stopping sewage from overflowing into the Anacostia and Potomac rivers.

Faulty Supply Lines Causing Destruction

Water supply lines attach to the underside of a toilet and can cause floods due to the plastic nut on these lines failing.

Community Benefits to Submetering Programs

Communities typically realize an immediate 5-35% reduction of resident consumption upon implementation of a resident billing program.

Introducing Water Management’s WOLF Program, 

Water Optimization and Low Flow Program (WOLF) is an innovative training and support program designed to assist selected companies in developing water efficiency programs for their customers.

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Cut Your Utility Bills and Reduce Environmental Impact

Water Management Inc. offers products, services and water solutions that increase water efficiency, and create water savings for our customers. Our company operates from multiple offices in majors US cities, giving us the expertise and insight that it takes to develop and deliver location specific water solutions. Water Management Inc. has been involved in thousands of water conservation projects with the primary aim of improving our customers’ bottom line.  more...