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Billing Inquiries

Advocating with Water Providers on the Client's Behalf for Fair and Accurate Billing

The most important thing to a customer when paying for water is a fair and accurate bill. Customers should only pay for water actually being used and sent to the sent to the sewers. Utilities should also receive appropriate payment for services provided. Estimated water meter readings do not benefit the user or the provide overall. The account below has been receiving estimated readings for over a year!
In some cases, utilities distribute credits toward water service for water that does not make it to the sewer and would have to be retreated. Irrigation systems, cooling towers, swimming pools, cisterns, etc. can be sub-metered and a percentage can often be subtracted from your water bill because the sewer charge would not be necessary for these uses.
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If your water provider is DC Water or WSSC, click on your provider's logo to see your water and sewer rates.
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