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Air Compressors

Metering and Sub-Metering

Main Meters, Swimming Pools, Irrigation, Reclamation, Cooling Towers, Fire Systems, Building and Unit Isolation


If it uses water, you can meter it!
Email for all of your metering needs!
The Special Projects team at Water Management is highly skilled at detecting and repairing issues with main water meters. Valve repair, re-piping, moving or installing a new transmitter, and meter replacement are among the team's metering specialties.
Water Management partners with Metron Farnier to utilize smart water meters - Advanced Metering Infrastructure  (AMI) - that provide accurate meter readings every 5 minutes using the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. 
The data that is gathered from the meters is organized into Metron's proprietary utility management software, WaterScope.
WaterScope's dashboard is user-friendly and builds relationships between meter reading data. Users can set alerts to immediately be alerted of wasteful consumption. This real-time progress information helps generate actionable intervention.
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