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Water Monitoring

Through custom KPIs created by water-efficiency experts, WETsite monitors, identifies, alerts, and reports on water consumption.

Budgeting and Benchmarking

With up-to-date data and representation, users can measure success of a their portfolio, programs, and even specific projects. Measuring against the benchmark helps budget for the future.

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Leak Identification and Automated Alerts

Water Management's WETsite can set usage baselines and automated alerts to notify the user when consumption has been measured above the baseline. An increase in usage can determine the presence of a leak, but the alert helps create actionable intervention.

Financial Report

Immediate Reporting

See how your portfolio performs across certain metrics and custom KPIs. Have reports automatically delivered at an interval of your choosing to stay up-to-date. Export as a CSV file for easy management and sharing.

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Save time and money with an efficient and reliable water monitoring program, while also saving water.

Let Water Management provide peace of mind and monitor every last drop of your water. 
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Billing Discrepancies

Every uploaded invoice goes though an extensive internal auditing process. Each audit includes a consumption variance check to see if usage is consistent with previous consumption.

View your entire portfolio's water consumption in one place. Customize your widgets to get the most out of Water Management's WETsite.

Customizable Dashboard

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