Rainwater harvesting


Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting refers to the collection and storage of rain.  Stored water can be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigating lawns, shrubs, washing vehicles, flushing toilets, make-up to cooling towers, or pool make-up. 

There are many benefits of rainwater harvesting; some being it is effective in reducing storm water runoff pollution.  When rain falls, it’s clean, but it picks up pollutants from roof tops and pavement.  This pollution is carried into storm drains and then into streams.  Collecting storm water from rooftops and directing it to storage decreases the volume and rate of run off.  It also reduces topsoil loss, improves plant growth.  There are no restrictions to this water use for non-potable purposes, and offers an effective alternative to city water-use restrictions. The incorporation of rain water collection and distribution as part of a responsible landscape design can help ease the burden on municipal and regional water resources. Since rainwater harvesting systems are not connected to municipal water supplies, it's likely that monthly utility bills will decrease substantially. We specialize in the design and construction of complete rainwater harvesting packages. The steps  we take to implement  a program include:

  • Conceptual Development—Our engineers will work with your team to develop a rainwater collection strategy that meets your overall site water objectives. We will identify state and local health codes that may be applicable to the anticipated usage of the rainwater.
  • Design Development—After a concept has been approved, we will develop a complete plan for implementation. The rainwater use will be designated upon a thorough site conditions analysis. In addition, a complete set of construction documents will be prepared to include full size plans, specifications, submittals.
  • Installation and Maintenance—We provide turn key installation services to include all of the above plus installation of cisterns, plumbing, electrical, pumps, training services, and seasonal maintenance.

Operation Rain Barrel: To celebrate "Earth Day" Water Management will be one of this year's sponsors for "Go Gaga for Green" Rain Barrel contest at George Mason Univesity's Arlington Campus!  Click here to learn more...