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Meter Auditing
Inaccuracy in water use also results when the meters are outdated or in poor repair. This is a serious problem and needs to be addressed, promptly. Inaccurate water meters not only result in lost income for utilities, they also prevent utilities from realizing the potential for greater savings. Without accurate meters, water and sewer departments cannot completely participate in some of the newest experiments and techniques designed to foster increased water efficiency. Accurate assessment of water usage is vital in keeping utility bills low and conserving water in drought conditions.

Certain types of meters, especially the meters that provide domestic potable water as well as fire service water, may fail to record some flow due to a stuck differential valve in the high demand section, allowing lower flow rates to go unrecorded.  Many compound style meters also have “sweet spots “ or cross over areas when transferring from low to high demand, and if continually operated in that range, may also not record any usage as water can pass through the partially opened valve.  Water Management ensures proper sizing or “right sizing” of your meters.  Water Management utilizes flow recorder/data loggers ( to digitize a meter’s magnetic drive signal without service interruption.

Meter and Submeter Installation
Water conservation efforts are the first step in controlling increasing water costs; however, the ultimate solution is water submetering. Water Management can assist you in submetering your irrigation and cooling tower make-up water, allowing you to obtain sewer credit for the water that does not enter the sewer system.

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